CFLGE Webinars

The Center for Florida Local Government Excellence partners with the Florida City Management Association, the Florida Association of City Clerks, and others to offer online seminars on local government issues throughout the year. These seminars are conducted through Adobe Connect software, and utilize webinar functions in concert with an audio conference component.

For more information regarding webinars conducted for the Florida Association of City Clerks, please visit their website.

Note: This page is currently under construction. To request a webinar recording which is not yet linked, please email Thank you!

2018 Webinars

Date Org. Title Duration
12/6/18 FCCMA Scooters in the City Beautiful 1 Hour
11/1/18 FCCMA Communications for Crisis Management 1 Hour
10/4/18 FCCMA Solid Waste Management: Current Trends and Practices for Service Delivery in Palm Beach County 1 Hour
9/6/18 FCCMA Planning ABCs 1 Hour
8/2/18 FCCMA The Power of Partnership: Be Ready Alliance for Coordinating Emergencies 1 Hour
7/12/18 FCCMA Wellness Programs to Reduce Healthcare Costs 1 Hour
6/7/18 FCCMA Capstone Case Studies 1 Hour
5/3/18 FCCMA Be A Manager 1 Hour
4/5/18 FCCMA Legislative Update 1 Hour
3/1/18 FCCMA Ad Valorem and Alternative Revenue
1 Hour
2/1/18 FCCMA Capital Planning
1 Hour
1/4/18 FCCMA Retirement Planning 1 Hour

2017 Webinars

Date Org. Title Duration
12/7/17 FCCMA Coaching & Mentoring 1 Hour
11/2/17 FCCMA Local Government ERP Acquisition and Upgrade Process 1 Hour
10/5/17 FCCMA IMCA Voluntary Credentialing Program 1 Hour
5/4/17 FCCMA Opiod Crisis in Florida 1 Hour
4/6/17 FCCMA Ransomware 1 Hour
3/2/17 FCCMA Police and Firefire Pension Plans
1 Hour
1/26/17 FCCMA Lessons Learned on Local Ballot Initiatives: An Example Using the Local Option Sales Tax
1 Hour
1/5/17 FCCMA The Consultants Competitive Negotiations Act (CCNA) 1 Hour

2016 Webinars

Date Org. Title Duration Play
9/1/2016 FCCMA Establishing an ICMA University Chapter 1 Hour
5/5/2016 FCCMA Planning 101, Part 2 1 Hour
4/7/2016 FCCMA Planning 101 1 Hour
3/3/2016 FCCMA Millennials: Notable Practitioners offer a 'Different Perspective' 1 Hour
1/07/16 FCCMA Fire Assessment 1 Hour

2015 Webinars

Date Org. Title Duration Play
12/03/15 FCCMA Understanding your Financial Reports 1 Hour
11/12/15 FCCMA The Evolving Cyber Threat to Local Governments 1 Hour
09/03/15 FCCMA Preparing the Next Generation of Local Government Managers 1 Hour
05/07/15 FCCMA Introduction to Issuing Municipal Bonds 1 Hour
04/02/15 FCCMA So You Want to be a City/County Manager 1 Hour
03/05/15 FCCMA Economic Forecasting 1 Hour
01/08/15 FCCMA Got Ethics 1 Hour

2014 Webinars

Date Org. Title Duration Play
12/04/14 FCCMA Action Planning for Managing Local Govt 1 Hour
09/04/14 FCCMA Local Govt Strategic Planning 1 Hour
10/02/14 FCCMA Back to Basic in Performance Mgmt 1 Hour
09/04/14 FCCMA How To Diversify Your Workplace 1 Hour
05/15/14 FCCMA Sunshine and Public Records Law Issues Facing Local Govt 1 Hour
03/27/14 FCCMA Affordable Health Care Act's Impact on Local Government Employees 1 Hour
01/16/14 FCCMA So You Want to be a City/County Manager 1 Hour

2013 Webinars

Date Org. Title Duration Play
11/21/13 FCCMA Awash in Options: Models for Organizing and Financing Stormwater Services 1 Hour
10/17/13 FCCMA Alternative Delivery of Utility Services 1 Hour
09/19/13 FCCMA Social Media: Policy & Legal Consideration 1 Hour
04/18/13 FCCMA Mentoring 1 Hour
03/21/13 FCCMA Outsourcing: Pros & Cons 1 Hour
02/21/13 FCCMA Pension Tension 1 Hour
01/17/13 FCCMA 2013 Legislative Session: Issues Facing Local Governments in Florida 1 Hour

2012 Webinars

Date Org. Title Duration Play
11/15/12 FCCMA Simplified Strategic Planning 1 Hour
10/25/12 FPCA 2012 Impaired Driving Campaign Guide 1 Hour
10/18/12 FCCMA Succession Planning: What, Why, When, and How 1 Hour
08/20/12 FCCMA Grant Writing: Tips and Strategies 1 Hour
07/18/12 FPCA Collective Bargaining Do's and Don'ts 1 Hour
05/18/12 FCCMA Pension Reform Part II: Case-Studies in Success 1 Hour
03/22/12 FCCMA Pension Reform Part I: Statewide Trends in Florida 1 Hour
01/20/12 FCCMA Legislative Issues Facing Local Government 1 Hour

2011 Webinars

Date Org. Title Duration Play
11/10/11 FPCA Aviation Emergency Response 1 Hour
11/10/11 FCCMA Local Government Environmental Issues: The Clean Water Act 1 Hour
09/21/11 FPCA Cloud Computing: Smart Cities Can Save Big With Innovative Technologies 1 Hour
09/11/11 FBW Taxes & Other Sources of Revenue 1 Hour
08/25/11 FDOT Airport Compatible Land Use 1 Hour
08/25/11 FPCA The Ins and Outs of Complex Leave Issues 1 Hour
08/09/11 FPCA Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over 1 Hour
07/21/11 FCCMA Navigating and Utilizing the Knowledge Network 1 Hour
05/25/11 FBW 2011 Legislative Review 1 Hour
04/14/11 FCCMA Collective Bargaining: Impasse Impacts and Best Practices 1 Hour
04/13/11 FPCA Dealing with Problem Employees 1 Hour
02/17/11 FCCMA Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR): Potential Legislation and Implications 1 Hour

2010 Webinars

Date Org. Title Duration Play
12/09/10 FCCMA Pensions: Understanding the Rising Costs and What to Do About It 1 Hour
10/28/10 FCCMA ISO Ratings and Property Insurance Calculations: Economic Impacts of Flood, Building, and Fire Ratings 1 Hour
07/21/10 FCCMA Navigating FEMA’s Public Assistance Program 1 Hour
03/10/10 FCCMA Collective Bargaining 1 Hour

2009 Webinars

Date Org. Title Duration Play
11/18/09 FCCMA Understanding & Succeeding with CRA’s in Today’s Economy 1 Hour
06/24/09 FCCMA Securing Grant Funding 1 Hour
01/21/09 FCCMA Reinvesting in America’s Transportation System: Challenges and Opportunities for the 2009 Federal Surface Transportation Authorization 1 Hour