FCCMA District Training Program

The FCCMA District Training Program has been one of the most successful methods of training provided by CFLGE.

These sessions are scheduled in half and full-day increments in city and county facilities in each district and the topics are selected by FCCMA members.

Past and Current FCCMA Presidents have been particularly interested in the success of this program and have advocated for localized training in government facilities.

The purpose of the District Training Program is threefold: reduce travel training costs for local government participants, eliminate training facility overhead costs, and provide a forum for local government administrators and staff to obtain hands-on training on current and pending local government issues.


FCCMA District Directors

FCCMA District Directors have been actively soliciting training ideas from members in their area. If you have a topic of interest that you think could be developed into a District Training Session, please contact relee@cflge.org or your District Director.

Special acknowledgement is in order for all the District Directors who have reached out to their membership to select a date, topic, and location. Without their commitment to this initiative the following schedule could not have been developed with district specific preferences.


Map displaying the 7 different districts

Scheduled Training Sessions

Go to http://fccma.org/conference-and-training for available city and county training.