About the Center:

In April of 2007, the Florida City and County Management Association (FCCMA) agreed to form the Center for Florida Local Government Excellence (CFLGE) in partnership with the John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government.

This partnership is dedicated to buildling and maintaining the premier model for educating and assisting current and future generations of local government administrators.


Core Values and Guiding Principles

The Center for Florida Local Government Excellence (CFLGE) and all of its staff and partners will adhere to the following core values and guiding principles in any and all the education, research, and professional development services and programs associated with the CFLGE.

Ethics and Integrity – Require the highest ethical standards in all that evolves from the CFLGE and recognize that all other values and principles are a far second to these standards which, when consistently applied, results in leadership integrity.

Respect for Colleagues and Partners – Treat all people with respect by requiring open and responsive communication that addresses CFLGE issues in forums that are positive, encouraging, and diplomatic.

Inclusive and Diverse – Seek input and participation from a wide range of local government professionals and partners and routinely acknowledge that effective innovation can best be achieved through diversity in experience, beliefs, and ethnicity.

Innovation and Risk Taking – Establish a learning organization that will be creative in addressing current and emerging issues facing Florida’s local governments and serve as an incubator and empirical evaluator of potential solutions.

Balanced Course Work and Experiential Learning – Integrate academic theory and practical local government (Florida) based curriculums to achieve a balanced learning experience for all program participants.

Collaboration and Partnerships – Foster partnerships that involve  institutions of higher education, local government managers and staff, graduate students, private sector firms and groups, state and federal government, and associations and foundations at all levels.

Stewardship of Public and Private Resources – Maintain an open system of reporting for all revenues and expenditures and ensure trustworthy stewardship through effective internal controls and objective advisory committee review.

Commitment to Excellence and Focus on Results – Commit the CFLGE to the highest standards of performance and support evaluation processes to gather feedback about the progress, results, and direction of the center.